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Carpet & Rug

8 x 12 Wool Area Rug from Morrocco w/ matching runner
8 x 12 Wool Area Rug from Morrocco w/ matching runner
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8 x 12 Wool Area Rug from Morrocco w/ matching runner
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THE RABAT RBATI CARPET - PRONOUNCED RA-BA-TEE Brilliant beautiful 100% wool, hand tied woven rugs. I bought these in Africa and had them shipped to the USA. Fine quality and extremely well made. One of the Urban carpet sub-categories is called the Rabat or Rbati carpet. Introduced by the Gharnatis, who were expelled from Andalusia, these rugs reflect that region in their floral and animal motifs. The Rbati carpet is identified by its wide ornate border around a rather free red central field containing either a medallion and grain motifs or a large cartouche, called the Koubba. The execution and selection of colors are carried out with particular care. The average size of these carpets is three meters high by two meters wide, although custom sizes can be ordered. Moroccan rugs are hand made and can take months to make. Rarely claiming any credit for her artistry is the modest Moroccan carpetmaker. The carpet remains one of the most authentic expressions of folk art in Morocco. The carpet makers in Morocco are traditionally women. Recently, there is becoming a huge demand for skilled carpet makers. Many women are using this time-honored skill to garner financial independence as they make this a career. A skilled carpet maker puts her entire heart and soul into her creations. Many of the designs tell a story - of her problems, misfortunes, passions, and aspirations.Will last for generations to come. They have been rarely walked on. They were in a room for the sheer beauty of looking at them. I bought them in 2006, they are both like brand new. We had no pets nor children. Shipping will be actual charges from shipper. You can pay me via Pay Pal or pay direct to shipper.
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