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Firearms Training

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Front Sight Firearms Training Lifetime Memberships
Front Sight Firearms Training Lifetime Memberships
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Front Sight Firearms Training Lifetime Memberships
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Gift Certificate Available! Las Vegas & Alaska Locations! DISCOUNTED PRICE! LIMITED TIME OFFER. LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE! Front Sight Firearms Training Lifetime Commander Memberships Visit Contact Better Barter to purchase Membership 423.328. 8777 • Special on Trade for a Limited Time @ $T2,500.00 Regular cash price $25,000.00 on website, • Commander Membership! If you want the highest level, greatest value, and most prestigious membership currently available on this website, then the All-Inclusive Commander Membership is for you. Here are all the positively life-changing, generational benefits…All-Inclusive Commander Membership Benefits: • As A Commander Lifetime Member you can attend ANY and ALL Front Sight Courses Free of Charge at ANY and ALL Front Sight facilities now and any facilities we develop or purchase in the future... Currently we have our world class Las Vegas facility and our Alaska facility. As soon as we complete the New Front Sight Resort in Las Vegas, and it is running in a self-sufficient manner with gun enthusiasts from all over the world flocking to it, we will be looking to purchase or build additional facilities regionally throughout the US. As a Commander Lifetime Member, YOU will be able to attend any and all courses at any and all facilities now and those we build or purchase in the future. (Are you starting to now see how this truly is the most elite, prestigious, and valuable opportunity I have ever created for you? Hang on, we are just getting warmed up. This truly is the greatest "Exchange in Abundance" EVER!)Special Recognition on Lifetime Members' Monument...Commander Lifetime Membership places you immediately on the Front Sight Advisory Board... Exclusive Access to Commander Lifetime Members Facilities in the NEW Resort! Unlimited Stay at Resort FREE while in a course! Commander, First-In, First-Out Privileges! Will Your Commander Lifetime Membership to a Deserving Heir! As a Commander Lifetime Member YOU will have exclusive access to a very special Commander Lounge that will be built on the outcropping of Front Sight's land that looks out over the entire Resort. Access to purchase ammunition FOR LIFE at 20% OVER COST. Access to purchase GUNS AT COST. As a Commander Lifetime • Member you have guaranteed placement in any course with two weeks advance enrollment. • As a Commander Lifetime Member you receive a 40% savings on any products purchased from the Pro Shop at any and all facilities, now and those developed or purchased in the future. • Commander Lifetime Membership Card to identify you as one of the most elite members in the Front Sight organization. • As a Commander you will receive a Commander hat. As a Commander you will receive a Commander of Front Sight pin. Invitation to the Annual July 4th Members' Reunion Celebration Invitation to attend the annual July 4th Advisory meeting • The VALUE of an All-Inclusive Commander Membership is OFF THE CHARTS! With over 50 courses to attend PLUS any courses we create in the future your value exceeds $75,000! • Free hotel stays, ammunition at 20% over cost, guns at cost, and the ability to will your memberships to a deserving heir doubles the value! • Contact Better Barter for Pricing Info & Registration Information.
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